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Exploration & Enrichments

"Montessori taught me the joy of discovery." -SimCity creator, Will Wright

Exploration & Enrichments: Service


Fun and Challenging

Learning happens beyond the classroom through field trips for all grades. Students explore farms, local museums, watch theater performances, go hiking and more. In addition to field trips, our lower and upper elementary students enjoy an annual class overnight to places such as Mt. St. Helens, Camp Arnold and Cama Beach State Park. During the middle school years, students participate in a rotation of week-long "Road Research" trips which include the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Washington D.C.

WSMS middle schoolers took in the view of Seattle from the top floor of the Bullitt Center


A Journey Through the Arts

The mission of our music and drama program is to connect students to self-expression, discovery and confidence through the arts. Many studies present compelling connections between learning in the arts and academic achievement. We believe the imaginative processes involved in these experiences bring the heart and mind together to formulate new ideas, promote self-directed learning and sharpen critical and creative skills.


As a school community, experiences created through our drama and orchestra productions bond our students to each other and encourage them to celebrate their own contributions and the contributions of others.


Hola, ¿Cómo Estás?

Foreign language study exposes children to new ways of looking at the world. At WSMS&A, Spanish exposure begins with our pre-primary students through games, songs and expressive activities. Spanish continues at all grade levels with a curriculum that includes cultural studies, language development and creative acquisition opportunities.

Chalkboard with Different Languages
West Seattle Montessori middle schoolers hiked the Mercer Slough today as a part of our Ea


Time with Friends

WSMS&A offers a variety of clubs throughout the year. These after school clubs are fun and engaging ways for students to connect and interact after hours. Club offerings have included Yoga, Lego & Robotics, Chess, Math, Book, Recreation, Spanish, Art, Journalism, Gardening and Rock Band. Families receive registration forms with the current offerings in the fall and spring.

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