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Tuition & Fees

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At WSMS&A, we strive to make tuition levels as accessible and affordable as possible. We offer several payment plan options, including monthly and annual.  A non-refundable enrollment fee is required upon acceptance to hold the student's space at WSMS&A.

 Please click on the button to view the Tuition and Fees Schedule*:


West Seattle Montessori School & Academy is dependent upon tuition for funds necessary to pay for employees’ salaries and operating expenses. Upon signing a tuition schedule & contract, parents assume responsibility for tuition payments and fees. If you must withdraw your child, we ask for a 30-day written notice of withdrawal.  

All payments due within those 30 days are still required.


Main Location Monthly Payments Details:

WSMS&A offers 10-month and 12-month payment plan options* for the academic school year, with summer programming being a separate cost.  Tuition payments begin in advance of the school year, with the annual costs divided into

equal payments based on the chosen payment plan.


10-month payments are due the 1st of each month, May, June, then September-April.

12-monthly payments are due the 1st of each month, May through April.


*Monthly payments options are based on securing enrollment, for a September start, prior to May 1.  

Enrollment for a September start, after May 1, requires an adjusted tuition schedule.

Children's House Monthly Payments Details:

Our Children's House location is considered a year-round program. 

Tuition payments are ongoing with a scheduled

annual increase beginning every May.  

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