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"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world."

- Maria Montessori

Located in one of the world’s greatest cities, West Seattle Montessori School & Academy is deeply enriched by and involved with the Seattle community. We provide a global program that is engaging and responsive for every age. Our teachers are coaches, mentors and guides that are not only content specialists, they’re also student specialists! With an open platform curriculum and classrooms that provide infinite possibilities, teachers are able to support students by making learning fun and helping them exceed their goals.

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The rule is what you CAN DO, not can't. WSMS&A creates an environment where students embrace differences and can connect on compassionate levels with others and the world around them. When students graduate from WSMS&A, many assume leadership roles that highlight their adaptive and collaborative skills. They are viewed as visionaries who put ideas into action. As the Wall Street Journal has said, "the Montessori educational approach might be the surest route to joining the creative elite," such as the founders of Google, Wikipedia and Amazon. We plan to add many, many more to this creative group of life-long thinkers and tinkerers!


Mindful Leaders.  Global Thinkers.

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