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WSMS Student Families

Student Families

4th thru 8th Grade

West Seattle Academy is a 4th through 8th grade high school prepatory, transitional program.  Within our small classes, a challenging curriculum enables us to nourish a culture and climate that supports individual ownership and achievement.  Our students are bright, energetic learners, actively involved in the process of their education, and are accepted into high schools that are among the most selective in our area.  Many students have become student leaders at their high schools and attend advanced placement classes. Our team of teachers are talented professionals who are dedicated to creating a rigorous learning community.

4th-5th Grade Curriculum
Middle School Curriculum


Teaching Staff & Specialists

Katie Hunt
4th/5th Grade, Teacher

Anne Seidler
4th/5th Grade, Teacher

Shanell MailkiShanell Mailki
Upper Elementary Assistant/ WSA Art Teacher

Alex Shennum
Upper Elementary Assistant/ WSA Physical Education Teacher

Stacy Harbour-Van Hoy
Middle School Humanities & Literature
Humanities website

Becky Youman
Middle School Mathematics

Sarah Chung
Middle School Science

Jay Irish
Middle School Spanish Teacher

Mary Springer
Middle School Band & Drama

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