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WSMS Plant Sale


Money raised benefits our greenhouse and provides

opportunities for all students to learn about plants!

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to think about this year’s gardens!!

Students will be planting seeds, transplanting, and learning about botany. Some seeds were saved from last year’s school planters!

Like last year, the sale will be done via pre-orders. This allows us to provide you with high quality vegetable starts, since we will be able to send them home at the perfect moment.

The plant sale has two parts:
1. Mother’s Day Bouquets. Order forms went out. Due date – May 2nd.

2. Vegetable Starts: Order form attached. Due date – May 9th.

Vegetable Starts Order Form – DUE May 9th

This year we’re offering a choice of vegetable combos designed to fit your garden spaces. Our plants are grown from heirloom varieties offered by Territorial Seed Company and Uprising Seeds, two local seed companies. They are specifically chosen to do well in the cold nights, soggy springs, dry summers and short growing season of our beloved Pacific Northwest. We also choose open-pollinated varieties so that seeds can be saved from year to year.

Back Row Beauty / Bird Friends

  • Scarlet Emperor Runner Beans – sweet, slightly furry, 6-8 inch, plump, juicy edible pods on 8’-10’ tall vines with showy orange-red flowers.
  • Sunflowers (organic)– a gorgeous, 5’-7’ splash of yellow. Mixed varieties. Harvest for yourself, or leave for the birds to enjoy.
  • Borage (organic)- as well as attracting the birds and the bees, this annual herb has beautiful, blue, star-shaped flowers. Both the flowers and young leaves are edible, with a mild cucumber taste that makes a lovely addition to salads.

_________ $12.00 (5 of each plant, labeled and grown in a flat together)

Bean Bonanza

Green beans are so much better from the garden – and so much more fun when they’re not just green! This year make your green bean casserole green, yellow, purple, and striped – that is, if any of them make it to the cook pot! No bending to harvest either – these are all pole beans, 6’-8’ tall. Varieties include: Violet Podded Stringless, Golden Gate (yellow romano), Kentucky Blue (green), and striped Rattlesnake beans.

_________ $12.00 (4 of each variety, labeled and grown in recycled 4’’ pots)

Pumpkin Party

Lush pumpkin vines are a beautiful addition to the garden, and fewer fruits are more fun to harvest! We have 3 fun varieties in our selection this year:

  • Howden (organic), a traditional 10-15 lb jack-o-lantern variety
  • Winter Luxury, a sweet pie pumpkin
  • Mr. Fugly, a very warty fellow!

_________ $12.00 (5 pumpkin plants, grown in a flat or small recycled pots)

Organic Pea Patch Pallooza

Refresh last year’s Pea Patch pot, fill a planter, or plant right in your garden. We’ll send home four varieties of peas within a week of your order. Pea seeds will be pre- sprinkled with inoculant to help them grow well.

  • 6’ varieties: Schweizer Riesen (organic) snow peas and Sugar Snap Select (organic) snap peas.
  • 4’ variety: Cascadia snap peas (organic)
  • 2’ variety: Maestro shelling pea (organic).

_________ $6.00 (40 seeds, ten of each variety).


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