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Snow Day Protocols

Protocol & Reminders

Snow Day ProtocolsIf you haven’t been notified by 7am via email and/or you do not see any closures or delays, then our doors are open and school is in session.  We do not follow any specific school district and will have our own closure information under West Seattle Montessori School.  A “No Report” update means we will be having school. Please note, when viewing King 5 online (www.king5.com), one must click on our school link under the heading “Closings” for our school report.  (We have contacted them to let them know this is confusing.)

If a snow day has been called, you will receive an email from your classroom teacher by 7am. You can also tune-in to KIRO 7, KOMO 4, or KING 5, or check out our school website at: westseattlemontessori.com for updates.

LATE START: If a Late Start is called, families will be informed the night before via email from their classroom teacher.  Please check your email or tune-in to KIRO 7, KOMO 4, or KING 5.   You can also check our school website at: westseattlemontessori.com for more information.  It is very UNLIKELY we will have a Late Start.

EARLY DISMISSALS: If an Early Dismissals is called, Middle School students will be dismissed at 11:30am.  Preschool thru fifth grade students will be dismissed at 12pm to help with the flow of traffic.  In the case that an Early Dismissal is called while we are at school, families will be contacted individually.  There will be NO After School Care if an Early Dismissal is called due to snow.

Transportation Service: Families of transportation students will receive an email from one of the drivers if there is no van service.

Your SAFETY is our main priority. If you do not feel it is safe to leave your home, please stay home. Your children will never be penalized for coming in late or not coming to school due to snow.

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