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Security Measures

Latest Update (Jan. 2013):

  • Doors are locked from 9am until dismissals.
  • All pick-up persons must be on child’s student pick-up list or we must have written parent permission in order for us to release a child.  Identification is required.
  • Quarterly emergency drills will be conducted in each classroom, along with our required monthly fire drills.  The staff will be discussing specific procedures at our next staff meeting this Wednesday, January 9.

New Protocols & Procedures:

  • All visitors entering our school campus must sign in at the main office and must wear a West Seattle Montessori lanyard distinguishing themselves as visitors.  This includes all reader parents, FareStart workers, birthday celebration participants, etc.
  • A four-camera security system has been purchased for WSMS & WSA.  This equipment will give us full viewing of all surrounding areas as well as the main hallway.
  • A new code for the front door will begin after Mid-Winter break.


Dear WSMS & WSA Families,

As many of you know, last week I was observing Montessori schools on the east coast. The news of the Connecticut school shooting was absolutely heart shattering. I was about 30 minutes away from the location and the terror shook the entire state as well as the nation. When a horrifying tragedy such as this occurs, one cannot help but reflect on their current situation. I was absolutely terrified to hear of such malice. I couldn’t help but think of the precious children at our school.

Please know the health and safety of the children at WSMS and WSA is our number one priority. We will continue to follow all safety policies and procedures, conducting lockdown and emergency safety drills, and will communicate the importance of these drills with your children. In addition, we are also looking into ways to heighten security and do the best we can to ensure the safety of our students.

Many of you have also inquired about communication with students regarding this devastating event. We will leave these discussions to you, the families, at your discretion. However, if your child has questions and you would like us to help answer them, in a child friendly way, please let us know and we will have a conversation with him or her privately.

Each and every child is a special gift. Again, the health and safety of the children at WSMS & WSA is our number one priority. We will continue to strive for the very best.

Angela Sears Ximenes

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