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POMS Connections is a parent group for West Seattle Montessori School & Academy (WSMS & WSA).  It is a support group comprised of the parents/guardians/family members of students attending WSMS & WSA, Room Parent representatives, teachers, staff, and administration of the school.


The purpose of POMS Connections is to join parents, guardians, family members, faculty, staff, administration, and students into a support system for the school and each other, to encourage positive interaction and open communication between the groups.


  1. Educational – to address special interests of parents by providing speakers and programs relating to those issues; to foster positive and meaningful parent and family education.
  2. Social – to provide a means for parents to meet each other and participate in making the school community a positive, warm environment; to provide various social and fundraising events allow parents to work together, and socialize as families throughout the year.
  3. Monetary – to raise funds that are spent to enrich the educational experiences of the children (classroom enrichment curriculum, music/drama, physical activity, technology); to support the general maintenance of WSMS and WSA (playground equipment and building needs).


  • To provide A Warm and Welcoming Community by holding Monday Morning Tea Time with the Admin Team!, holding consistent bi-monthly meetings and social time, and contacting new families throughout the year.
  • To offer ongoing Meaningful Parent Education for our families by soliciting feedback from room parents (through check-in meetings and surveys) and by sharing our love for the Montessori method and philosophy.
  • To maintain Open Communication between parents, teachers and school administration by holding Monday Morning Tea Time with the Admin Team!*, soliciting feedback through the Room Parent Program, holding consistent bi-monthly meetings, and contacting new families throughout the year.
  • To Support Teacher and Classroom Activities & Enrichment through our Room Parent Program, Teacher Appreciation Week, participating or contributing to school events that are dedicated to specific needs or desires.

*Monday Morning Tea Time with the Admin Team! every Monday from 8:30-9:30am.  Come say hello, grab a cup of joe, or just hangout with us!  No appointment necessary.


Each year the parents who volunteer in some capacity at WSMS provide vital services to the school and enjoy a form of participation, which is not attainable any other way.  Parent participation provides a richer environment for the child, the parents, and the teacher.  A child’s education is a cooperative effort in which volunteers have become an essential part.  Our deepest appreciation in advance to those generous people who participate in the fullest!

Save the Dates!

POMS Connections Meeting Dates 2015-2016, 7:00-8:00pm:

Wednesday, October 7

Wednesday, December 2

Wednesday, February 10* (Please note this meeting in being held on the second Wednesday of the month due to the elementary play).

Wednesday, April 6

Wednesday, June 1*


*Room Parent Meeting from 6:15-7:00PM.


POMS Connections Events:

  • Art Walk
  • Family Reading Night
  • Parents’ Night Out
  • Parent Education Classes

 POMS Meeting Agendas and Information:


Get Involved!

Your participation at West Seattle Montessori School & Academy

makes our school community & environment a richer experience for your child!


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