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Music Mary WSMS & WSA“One of the first things that work as the arts develop is a sense of relationship, that nothing stands alone… every aspect of the work affects every other aspect… the arts teach the ability to engage the imagination as a source of content… they are among the most powerful ways we become human, and that is reason enough to earn them a place in our schools.” – Elliot Eisner, January 30, 1997 Christian Science Monitor

Philosophy Statement:

The mission of the music and drama program is to develop skills that will help the students to express their ideas and feelings through music and drama. Research tells us, learning in the arts has clear connections to general academic achievement.

Including arts education within the curriculum provides an important avenue for synthesizing the knowledge gained in all subject areas of the curriculum. The imaginative processes involved in these experiences bring the heart and mind together to formulate new ideas.

Music / Band:

The students in 2nd and 3rd grade are instructed in recorders as a first instrumental experience.  Building on that knowledge, we offer a band program for our students from 4th – 8th grade.  The students may choose to play: Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Oboe, and Snare drum.  The new band students receive 1/2 hour of private instruction during the fall semester and then join the beginning band in the second semester. We have 3 band levels: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Drama (Performing Arts)

The students at West Seattle Academy participate in a major musical production in lower elementary through middle school. These productions require participation and culminate in a theatrical production performed at a local theatrical venue.

I am always grateful to be a part of the process. I learn so much from the students and about them as  we take this kind of journey and it is my hope that they know that we all depend upon each other to create something. As a school community, these experiences bond them to each other and encourage them to celebrate their contributions and the contributions of others.

Instructor: Mary Opland Springer

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