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After School Extracurricular Clubs

About our clubs:
WSMS&A clubs are offered after school and are fun, engaging ways for students to connect and interact after hours.  Club offerings have included Chess, Math, Book, Recreation, Spanish, Art, Journalism, and Lego.   Families receive registration forms with the current offerings in the fall and spring.

General Info…

  • All clubs begin at 2:45pm and end at 4:00pm.  Student who are not picked up by this time will be enrolled in After School Care and will be billed a drop-in rate or will need written permission to be dismissed to the library/to walk home.  If your child needs care after a club, please be sure to prearrange that time with the main office prior to 3pm.
  • There will be no clubs on half-days or when school is not in session.

More info of upcoming After School Clubs will be coming soon…

Additional Info


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